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Book Review: My Father’s Wives by Mike Greenberg

Author: Mike Greenberg
Title: My Father’s Wives
Genre: Literary
Publication Date: January 20, 2015
Publisher: William Morrow (HarperCollins)
Number of Pages: 240
Narrator: Jonathan Sweetwater
Amazon.com Reviewer Grade: C, Average; of the first 98 reviews, the average reader rating was 77.35%.

My Father's Wives by Mike Greenberg

What’s It About?

Wall Street executive Jonathan Sweetwater has the perfect life. He is moderately wealthy and happily married with two young children who adore him. Traveling frequently for work, he doesn’t get a chance to spend much time at home. But, when he is home, the Sweetwaters are one big happy family–that is, until Jonathan comes home from work early one day.

Meaning to surprise his wife, Claire, he instead ends up being surprised by her. Hearing a noise coming from the guest room, he approaches the door and peers through the keyhole. What he sees rocks his world–a man he doesn’t recognize is getting dressed and sitting on the bed is unmistakably the nude back of his wife. Claire is having an affair.

Rather than confronting her, Jonathan leaves and returns later. The man is gone, and the bed is made–like nothing ever happened. After attempting to subtly weasel a confession out of Claire to no avail, Jonathan resorts to hiring a private investigator at the suggestion of his boss–just to be sure.

As Jonathan waits for news on his wife’s affair, he begins to explore the life of his deceased father–who had been married to six other women besides his own mother. Meeting with each of his father’s wives, Jonathan seeks to understand more about him. What kind of man was he? Why did he marry so often? In understanding the life of his father, Jonathan hopes to gain some perspective on his own–and perhaps even save his fragile marriage.

Should You Read It?

If you are a fan of Mike Greenberg as a sportscaster, you will get a taste of the play-by-play action in Jonathan’s one-on-one game with Michael Jordan. But, aside from the passion for basketball shared between Jonathan and his boss, the novel has nothing to do with sports. If you enjoy a good literary work on mystery in relationships and past secrets that shape characters in the present, this novel will be right up your alley. There is a good bit of dialogue, but most of the story consists of Jonathan’s introspection about himself, his father, and the family he is trying to keep together despite being his father’s son.

Links and References

Author Information: Wikipedia, Mike and Mike, Twitter

Book Reviews: New York Times, Kirkus Reviews, BookNAround

Purchase: Buy It On Amazon.com

Other Books By Mike Greenberg: All You Could Ask For (2013), Why My Wife Thinks I’m an Idiot (2007)


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