POVone: The First Person Perspective

Rants and Reviews on Novels Written in the First Person Point of View

List of Novels Written in First Person

Here’s the exhaustive list of all the first person novels published since 2015 that I’ve been able to review.

The novels are sorted in alphabetical order by author’s last name. You can read the reviews by clicking on the titles or browse the categories by clinking on the category links.

The rating is a composite of the average Amazon.com review either 30 days after publication or later–at the time I reviewed the book. The average is a percentage–with the average number of “stars” divided by 5, the total possible number of stars. If a book had fewer than 30 reviews at the time I gathered the data, I don’t rate it and instead give it an “I” for insufficient data. “TBD,” of course, means that the book hasn’t yet been rated.

If there’s something you think I’m missing that should be on here, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Novels Written in the First Person

Author Title Category Release Date Rating
Alten, Steve Vostok Science Fiction and Fantasy 20150217 71.12
Anolik, Lili Dark Rooms Mystery and Suspense 20150303 81.25
Aveyard, Victoria Red Queen Young Adult 20150210 88.53
Block, Sandra Little Black Lies Mystery and Suspense 20150217 85.6
Brooks, Jen In a World Just Right Young Adult 20150428 TBD
Cameron, Graeme Normal Mystery and Suspense 20150331 81.95
Diamond, Laura Shelter Us General Fiction 20150608 TBD
Freeman, Anna The Fair Fight Historical Fiction 20150414 TBD
Fuller, Claire Our Endless Numbered Days General Fiction 20150317 96.67
Goldstein, Lori Becoming Jinn Young Adult 20150421 I
Greenberg, Mike My Father’s Wives General Fiction 20150120 77.35
Gruen, Sara At the Water’s Edge Historical Fiction 20150331 76.94
Haig, Francesca The Fire Sermon Young Adult 20150310 77.02
Harris, Joanne The Gospel of Loki General Fiction 20150505 84.5
Harvey, Kristy Woodson Dear Carolina General Fiction 20150505 95.85
Hawkins, Paul The Girl on the Train Mystery and Suspense 20150106 81.34
Jaff, Sophie Love is Red General Fiction 20150512 I
James, Tania The Tusk That Did the Damage General Fiction 20150310 78.29
Joy, David Where All the Light Tends to Go General Fiction 20150303 83.05
Joyce, Rachel The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy General Fiction 20150303 86.95
July, Miranda The First Bad Man General Fiction 20150113 67.24
Karlsson, Jonas The Room General Fiction 20150217 78.62
Koontz, Dean Saint Odd Science Fiction and Fantasy 20150113 90.85
Lebow, Laura The Figaro Murders Historical Fiction 20150331 I
Lee, Stacey Under a Painted Sky Young Adult 20150428 TBD
Lytton, Debora Silence Young Adult 20150303 I
McCreight, Kimberly Where They Found Her General Fiction 20150414 84.2
Mitchem, Jim Minor King General Fiction 20141214 TBD
Morrison, Toni God Help the Child General Fiction 20150421 80.52
Nesbo, Jo Blood on Snow Mystery and Suspense 20150407 68.34
O’Neill, Ellie Reluctantly Charmed General Fiction 20150317 I
Palaia, Marian The Given World Historical Fiction 20150414 I
Parsons, Ash Still Waters Young Adult 20150421 I
Pyper, Andrew The Damned Science Fiction and Fantasy 20150210 78.82
Romano, Juliana First There Was Forever Young Adult 20150414 TBD
Schoenewaldt, Pamela Under the Same Blue Sky Historical Fiction 20150505 I
Sumell, Matt Making Nice General Fiction 20150214 69.17
Swanson, Cynthia The Bookseller Historical Fiction 20150303 86.22
Tahir, Sabaa An Ember in the Ashes Young Adult 20150428 87.98
Vann, David Aquarium General Fiction 20150303 74.52
White, Karen The Sound of Glass General Fiction 20150505 92.14
Wisniewski, Mark Watch Me Go General Fiction 20150122 85.15
Zourkova, Krassi Wildalone Science Fiction and Fantasy 20150106 83.26

If you want to download this list as a reference into a spreadsheet (CSV), go to this website and paste the URL of this web page into the “Enter a URL” field. Then, click the “Load URL” button. The table data will populate in the cell below. Then, simply click the “Save to Disk” button, and the spreadsheet will download to your computer.


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